Sunday 1 April 2018

Autism Acceptance Month 2018 Day 1: bracing and preparing

Today, April 1st, marks the start of what is officially Autism Awareness Month. The autistic community is in the process of reclaiming April and working to transform it into Autism Acceptance Month instead. I'm planning to do a post a day for the month, like last year, now I have a new laptop (old one died) I can do that. I'm planning to go through the alphabet, one letter a day, and pick a word or two beginning with that letter, relating to autism and acceptance of autism.

Today is a low-spoons day and I'm not in a very articulate state, as it's been a very hectic week, so I've made the above image in Paint (I love Paint!) in preparation for tomorrow, and I've shared things both on my personal Facebook and on the Autistic on Wheels Facebook page. That's about all I can do right now.

In addition, I purchased the T-shirt below in light grey, ready to wear tomorrow!

I purchased it from Starfire Studios - I recommend this artist, who is autistic. So much cool stuff! The T-shirt itself is wonderfully soft (I'm always nervous about buying clothing off the Internet because I'm so sensitive to fabrics) and I'm looking forward to wearing it with pride tomorrow. I'll get my husband to take some photos of me wearing it and put it both on the blog here and on the Facebook page.

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