Tuesday 28 November 2017

Wedding anniversary

Today is my second wedding anniversary so to mark it I thought I'd share the official wedding photos (online link) with all you lovely people (link above). Many thanks to Christina Dithmar Photography for this fantastic album (and Kate Burt Cakes for the spectacular cake)!
Society often has people believe that autistics don't do common things like have relationships and marry, but many of us do, and have happy, successful relationships.

It was a wonderful, unforgettable day. Particular thanks to: 
  • Fr John for officiating (first wedding at Sacred Heart, having only been moved to us a couple of months earlier)
  • Katharina for being my wonderful maid of honour
  • Helena and Gerry for leading the psalm
  • Julia and Caroline for being my lovely bridesmaids and doing the Old and New Testament readings respectively 
  • Julianna for being a brilliant flower girl/ringbearer (and my sister-in-law Josephine for letting us borrow her!) 
  • Lynn and Jeremy G for being the ushers
  • Lynn for essentially being the reason Gideon and I met in the first place!
  • Tegwyn (church organist)
  • Jeremy C for calling at the ceilidh
  • Amber Fire Ceilidh Band
  • Kathleen for co-ordinating the church-to-reception rides (people needing lifts with people with car space)
  • Grace for co-ordinating thebring-and-share buffet
  • Christina our amazing wedding photographer
  • Astridge's for the mouthwatering hog roast (and delicious vegetarian and vegan options, I've been told)
  • Catwalk 09 for having the wonderful dress and an excellent seamstress who was able to modify it to my preference (it was sleeveless; I wanted short sleeves) and comfort (adding the satin underneath the tulle - partly for modesty, but mostly because even soft tulle against my skin, due to autistic hypersensitivity, is unbearable)
  • everyone who attended
  • our families.

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