Sunday 29 April 2018

Autism Acceptance Month 2018 Day 29: articles on autism acceptance

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Following on from yesterday's post of Autism Acceptance Memes, today's post comprises a (non-exhaustive) collection of articles and blog posts written by others on the subject of autism acceptance. Some of them have helped me on my journey of understanding and accepting autism in relation to myself and some of them are ones I've come across since that I want to amplify. For ease of reference, I'm listing them in alphabetical order.

Thank you to everyone who has written and/or shared these posts.

A Heart Made Fullmetal Awareness v Acceptance

A Heart Made Fullmetal: Embracing Autism

A Heart Made Fullmetal: To the Autistic Child 

Alex Forshaw: Poisonous Expectations

Alex Forshaw: The Dark Side of Passing

Amy Sequenzia: Celebrating My Life

Amy Sequenzia: Normalcy is an Ableist Concept

Amy Sequenzia: To You, Young Autistic Friend

Amy Sequenzia: Why I don't like awareness

Ann Memmott: Autism Acceptance - my list of positives

Ann Memmott: Autism: Not a mental health condition 

Autistic and Cheerful: Acceptance is vital for good mental health 

Autistic and Cheerful: Acceptance vs Awareness

Eilidh Cage: Autistic people aren't really accepted - and it's impacting their mental health

Emily Willingham: No Foolin': Forget About Autism Awareness and Lighting Up Blue 

Henry Frost: Two Houses

Kieran R: An autistic diagnosis

Leah Kelley: H on Acceptance, love and self-care

Leah Kelley: In this house we do acceptance

Lei Wiley-Mydske: What is Autism Acceptance?
PC Durbin-Westby: Autism Acceptance Month 

Radical Neurodivergence Speaking: Acceptance vs Awareness

Steve Silberman: Why "Autism Awareness" is Not Enough

Unstrange Mind: A is for Autism Acceptance

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