Tuesday 18 July 2017

Locked In update 2: more detailed response from Caudwell

I emailed Andy Bailey at lunchtime as I hadn't had any response to my last email. This is the email I've just had back from him. I'm not going to respond just yet because the oppressive weather is messing with my brain's ability to process things due to the fibromyalgia and ME/CFS) so it'll probably be tomorrow before I reply to him. Also, I need time to process and mull, and if I respond tomorrow I'm less likely to be angry-ranty-inarticulate-girl who can be more easily dismissed; I need to be eloquent, articulate, calm and organised. 
Hi Katherine
To confirm, the events due to be staged at the Hackney and Sutton Coldfield stores will now not be taking place. We have taken the campaign to over 30 Tesco stores across the UK, as described on our website www.lockedinforautism.com 
 The campaign has been postponed and a review is set to take place imminently. I understand your objection to the campaign, and I also respect your views. Please feel free to advise on the campaign in its current form, although I’m pretty confident that you are of the opinion that it should stop.
 Infect [typo; should be "In fact", and it's 2 words not 1 anyway], would you allow me to include your original email as part of our review process?
 As a result of this suspension, we are set to lose planned income, and now need something to fill the gap. To quote your email, we are willing to engage, consult and liaise with autistic adults. I am ‘all ears’, so please share with me your ideas for a campaign that will fulfil our objectives of raising funds and attracting media coverage. All suggestions considered.
Again, if you would like to discuss this further, please call me on [number]. 
Best wishes,
 My initial thoughts are thus:
  • very pleased the Hackney and Sutton Coldfield events are no longer going ahead
  • I am definitely willing to advise and am pleased that they seem more prepared to engage with us (and I'm going to say that yes, the inclusion of my original email to him is definitely something they can use)
  • the tone of the email is very defensive
  • despite my response to his first email explaining that I have difficulties on the phone because of autism and that I would much prefer to communicate solely by email, he has proceeded to give a phone number (a number he's already given me!) and asked me to call him, which rather reduces my belief in any respect he may have towards me; I certainly can't speak to him right now with my brain fog!
  • I find it interesting and VERY telling/revealing that he says "a campaign that will fulfil our objectives of raising funds and attracting media coverage" - that really demonstrates their priorities; no mention of raising awareness, providing information and promoting acceptance/inclusion/etc, just money (which I get is kind of central to a charity, especially one that's meant to provide support and services, for which money is needed, but still, the phrasing and lack of elaboration is appalling) and media coverage
  • the whine about the loss of income - and it *is* a whine - is completely inappropriate in this email, and further reveals their priorities

    I will reply to him tomorrow, when I've had a chance to process it and mull it over, and when I'm less likely to be angry-ranty-inarticulate girl. I need to be articulate, eloquent, organised and succinct, and I should be tomorrow.

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