Sunday 17 June 2018

Inaugural Exeter Autistic Pride event!

Today I (as Autistic on Wheels) hosted the inaugural Exeter Autistic Pride event! It was a casual, low-key picnic on Cathedral Green, and the weather kindly held off (it was trying to rain initially). It was a fairly last-minute decision to do something (just under two weeks ago) but for a new event, simple was definitely better. Most attendees were autistic, and there were family members and friends too, and even a spaniel who was very well-behaved around all the food! Some were old friends, others were new friends and people I'd seen around online but had yet to meet in person.

We talked about all kinds of things. Autism was a prominent topic, rather unsurprisingly, but other things were also discussed and chatted about, and it was really nice to be with so many lovely people.

It was a great day: really friendly, welcoming and relaxed, with no NT social pressures or demands. I made the flags you can see in the photos (gold infinity symbol on a purple background) and people brought loads of food to share.

Next year I'd like to do something a bit bigger and more formal. In the meantime, we're thinking about doing something socially on a more regular basis.

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