Thursday 30 March 2017


For a while now I've been thinking about setting up an autism- and disability-specific blog, and with Autism Awareness Day/Week/Month looming on the horizon, now seemed a sensible time to get on with it and join my fellow autistic bloggers!

About Me

So, a quick introduction. I'm 32, married, no children yet (though we would like some) and Autistic. I'm a wheelchair user due to fibromyalgia, ME/CFS and generally wrecked ankles. I'm also dyslexic and have have Irlen Syndrome so severely I broke the diagnostic scale (it goes up to 19; I scored 22...!) The dyslexia is fairly mild, which probably explains why I wasn't diagnosed until the second year of my English Literature degree!

I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in November 2012, which came as a huge relief. I'd always known that there was something different about me but I could never identify it - I'd grown up and left school before the experts realised that females can be Aspies, so I was never picked up.

If there are any Deaf readers out there I can make posts in British Sign Language for you; just ask! 

What This Blog Stands For

This blog supports identity-first language ("is autistic") with regards to discussion of autism, as the majority of autistics favour this; if an individual prefers person-first language ("with autism"/"has autism") I will use it in reference to them because that is their choice and I will respect that; however, identity-first language is the default approach here.

This blog does NOT participate in Light It Up Blue or anything to do with Autism Speaks. This blog supports Red Instead, Gold (because on the periodic table gold is Au, the start of the word "autism") and Tone It Down Taupe.

This blog does not use the puzzle piece.

This blog is Nothing About Us Without Us. 

This blog is Actually Autistic.

This blog supports Autism ACCEPTANCE over Autism Awareness. 

This blog supports Neurodiversity.

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